hCG Diet Tracker+ iphone application



This application (hCG DietTracker+) was created by a physician to help you achieve your health and diet goals by guiding you through the hCG diet. It is based on the original Simeon protocol but we have added many customizable options for you to adapt the diet to your specific needs.  It is intended to be a user-friendly tracking mechanism that you can use and reference everyday while on the diet. It is a user-friendly tracking tool that you can use and reference everyday while on the hCG diet.  It has a detailed description of every phase, along with a food reference chart, weight, measurement, and BMI tracker, before and after photos for each phase, a calendar and journal, and ability to share info through social networking (Facebook and Twitter). We have revised and updated it based upon your requests!  This application is easy to use, guides your food choices, and helps you track your progress as you continue towards your weight loss goals. So far, it has been used by many people to help them succeed on the hCG diet!


So you are ready to start the hCG diet!? Or you are returning back for your second or third round. Empower yourself with as much information as you can before you begin.  We suggest you read Dr. Simeon’s , “Pounds and Inches” before you start. Talk to others, join a forum, read a book.  Talk to your licensed health care provider before beginning any new diet or exercise program.

WELCOME to hCG Diet Tracker +! 


The older version of our app (hcg diet tracker) is no longer available.

As always, we are very open and receptive to your feedback and thank those of you who have made suggestions and comments to us through email. We look forward to improving and building upon your ideas and making this an app that works for you!.