hCG Diet Tracker+

Application Features

This app was created by a physician to help you achieve your health and diet goals by guiding you through the hCG diet.

Tracks your diet from Phases 1-4

Guides you through all 4 phases of the hCG diet. The diet is broken up into 4 phases to make it easier for you to track.

Optional Daily Motivational Quotes

Get motivated with a daily inspirational quote!

My Journal

Use the app to record daily entries about your progress or how you are feeling. This can include updated photos and weight graphs for reference.

Email Info

Send your food and weight data to yourself or your medical provider in pdf format.

Set Reminder Notifications for yourself

Remind yourself to drink water, eat a meal, weigh yourself, or exercise. Or customize the notification to whatever you wish.

Daily Meal Planning

Plan you meals ahead of time to track your daily intake.

Application Screenshots

hCG Diet Tracker+ is a comprehensive, user-friendly way to track to your journey on the hCG diet.

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Why Do People Love Us

  • I just downloaded the updated version and I can’t be more impressed.The new choices for tracking are awesome.

    DrCG, Seattle

  • I love this app! No calorie counting to worry about, I just stick to the food portions. I tried the free apps and they didn’t come close – this is well worth the cost as it has many more features.

    l.e.s.biker, NYC

  • It’s a great all inclusive app that’s super easy to navigate. I love the journal section & mostly that I can email myself and my doctor my progress.

    Cutelilrn, San Diego

  • Love this app! The meal tracker feature, as well as all the info on the different phases of the diet and allowed foods make this a valuable app for anyone on or even those contemplating starting the diet.

    USCAMP1984, LA

  • So helpful! Having the ability to chart my progress and meals keeps my on track. I like that the app has the ability to be proactive in supporting me.


  • I’ve done diets before and the hardest part is sticking with the program. This is great to have at your side.

    R.LynnT, Oregon

  • This app made staying on my diet so much easier. It is so easy and logical, that it made the diet easier to handle. I highly recommend it!

    Snowbeed, Ohio

  • The success I’ve achieved on this diet is largely due to having this app at my fingertips. It keeps me accountable and provides a simple format for staying on top of my diet and progress. It is a well thought out app and definitely worth the money.

    nayomes, Orange County

Connect With Us

Your feedback is very important to us. We are constantly striving to make improvements in the app based upon user feedback. Please let us know if you have any issues or concerns or have a question about using the app. We appreciate your help!